Ethical porn is quickly gaining ground in terms of having an ‘organic’ choice when watching porn videos.

While watching pornographic videos is frowned upon in many circles of society, there are actually benefits you can gain from them (aside from the visual treat, of course).

Along the same lines, someone thought about making the porn for men and porn for women industry a safer place for those who participate in it, hence the rise of ‘ethical pornography’. But is it the answer to the dark side of porn, where women are treated as objects and not given the compensation they deserve?

What is Ethical Porn?

First off, let’s get something important out of the way. Not all porn production companies treat their employees like dirt, and there are free ‘ethical’ videos you can watch on popular adult-oriented websites. What you may be seeing when you watch videos is simply the theme- women will seem like they’re forced to have sex with a stranger, the plumber, or maybe even their step-brother, but it’s a script that they follow. Off-camera, they might be treated with respect or even admiration by their fellow peers.

With that out of the way, let’s define what ethical porn is. No, it’s not a genre or a niche you can put alongside MILF, anal play, and lesbian, but rather a business type or practice. It’s the behind-the-scenes type of thing, where the women participating in the video are treated fairly, compensated well, and have a say when it comes to creating porn.

You can say that ethical porn focuses more on the needs and wants of the women in this sex industry, but it should apply to all genders, races, and virtually every performer who’s being filmed. This can apply to couples, partners, and amateurs who want to make a living doing sex videos.

Why is it Called Ethical Porn?

The better answer to this question is, why not? The word ‘ethical’ encompasses a lot of elements, nearly all of which apply to the rules of ethical porn.

This type of pornography production adheres to several standards, which are the following:

  • Filmmakers and performers get fair compensation
  • The video is done in a safe environment
  • Performers are treated with respect and show real pleasure
  • It’s diverse and covers a wide range of demographics

Another thing to note is that porn videos with the ‘ethical’ tag tend to be paid and not free so that the production company can pay for its employees, including the performers, camera crew, and even the makeup artist and gofer. Watch one or two and maybe you could tell the difference, e.g., it feels much more natural, blowjobs don’t take an hour or so, and the couples are doing other intimate things, such as kissing and hugging.

Best Websites to Watch Ethical Porn

Here’s why it’s better to watch ethical porn for women, and the 10 best expert-recommended top porn sites to check out ASAP.

Bright Desire

An adult-themed website that celebrates ‘smart porn’, Bright Desire is more than just straight-up videos of two people having sex with each other. The creator, Ms. Naughty, is a celebrated filmmaker, editor, and writer, having won multiple awards for her work in the industry. As far as ethical porn is concerned, Bright Desire has it in spades and has even published a statement regarding the practice.

A quick look at the porn website reveals several categories, including solo female porn, male porn, ethical free porn, real life couples, queer, short films, and award winners. There’s even a list and headshots of performers and a short bio about them.


A super accurate representation of what lies ahead, the Ifeelmyself website specializes in women empowerment and the pleasure that comes from masturbation. Unlike other porn websites where you have to sign up as an adult star, you can make a video of your own and send it in for approval. If the company likes it then you get compensated for your time.

While it doesn’t have the most user-friendly interface around, Ifeelmyself has a forum where people can have a discussion about what they like or don’t like in the video they’re watching. Nearly all the videos feature women having a real experience.

Lady Cheeky

While not a full-fledged ethical porn platform per se, you do have variations of the business practice in action, including veering away from catering to men and having more inclusivity than the others. If you’re more of a quickie person than having to pick the scenes in hour-long videos, Lady Cheeky will surely tickle your fancy.

Make Love Not Porn

MLNP definitely shows off that ethical vibe from the website name alone. Take a quick tour inside and you’ll get a sense of what it’s all about, from blog posts that celebrate real-life couples to the merits of having ‘real and passionate lovemaking’. As for the content, you can find plenty to like here, with interesting categories such as ‘lickjob’, ‘yes!yes!yes!’ and ‘cinematic’ leading the way.

You do have to pay to unlock the videos though, but there are two options you can take. You can join as a free member and pay $5 to rent the video, or you can subscribe to the tune of $10, $30, or $50 and access a set amount of content monthly.

Lust Cinema

Dubbed an ‘online adult movie theater’, Lust Cinema does adhere to the theme nicely and will make you want to get a bucket of popcorn and soda the moment you start watching. As for the content, there’s plenty to get into, and they’re divided into helpful categories such as ‘Lust Cinema Originals’, ‘Outdoor’, ‘Threesome’, and even ‘Rom-Com’.

More than your average porn, the content here is feature-length and part of a bigger narrative. There are even behind-the-scenes and similar exclusives to give you a sense of how the movie was made. The ‘watch free’ button is tempting but it will ask you for an email address while opting for the monthly access will run you $17.


I love how Sssh.com has a different way of looking at consumer porn. For one, the videos themselves are the creation of its members, crowdsourced in a way that their desires and fantasies come to life. So, signing up is more than just paying for the show- you get to have a voice in their future content as well.

$20 per month will give you access to the site and its interesting features. For instance, you and your partner can do simultaneous porn watching via the ‘Sssh Soiree’ technology, or experience a deeper and more realistic dive, courtesy of VR movies. There’s also a photo gallery of artistic shots, as well as original stories and novels that titillate the senses.


Dipsea is not your usual porn site- there aren’t any videos on it, to tell you the truth. But what they do have are audio clips that can get you horny and in the mood for randy sex.

You can choose from hundreds of unique audio clips, and each of them tells a story you may have just fantasized about. Sound is a powerful medium and can arouse any listener instantly, and Dipsea does it so well that the $5 monthly charge lends tremendous value. Open the app, pick the story you want, and settle down for some nice me-time and relaxation.


Ethical porn meets crowdsourcing in XConfessions. Members chip in with their ideas, and the best story will go on from being a concept to a full-fledged erotic film. The array of available content on the site is massive- you can watch dozens of porn videos spread across popular categories such as ‘couples’, ‘taboo’, and ‘threesome’, among others.

As for the ethical part, XConfessions holds a banner of a safe sex environment, upholding worker standards, transparency, fair pay, and equal pleasure. Couples are free to watch and they won’t feel alienated by unrealistic standards or having the ‘gaze’ focused only on women.


Quinn is similar to Dipsea in that all the porn content is audio. However, Quinn has that short and punchy vibe that gets you off quickly. Conversely speaking, you can get a satisfying quickie or eargasm when you tune in every time.

The platform is free but you’ll have to register to start listening to the delicious sex talk. There’s a wide variety of topics here, ranging from voyeurism, strong language, storytelling, and masturbation noises to dirty talk, bondage and aftercare, just to name a few.


If you want to veer off the beaten path and try something new, then you should definitely give PinkLabelTV a go. The site hosts hundreds of indie adult films for your viewing pleasure, and as far as ethical porn is concerned every piece is made with care and has that natural feel you’d expect from real people having an intimate moment.

Registration is free, and you’re free to check out video previews after that. To watch the full content, you’d have to pay per title. There’s a subscription-based model, where you pay $25 to watch unlimited movies. Along with that, you’ll be able to access Q&A events and live screenings as soon as they’re posted or uploaded to the website.


At first glance, you wouldn’t think Bellesa to be a progressive ethical porn website, mostly because of its high production values and high-quality videos. However, underneath all the glamor and polish lies a responsible platform with a mission to depict women as ‘subjects of pleasure’, to which I agree 100%.

Bellesa offers original content, the usual slew of porn videos (with some renowned performers in the mix), erotica, sex education, and cams. You can become a proponent of the stuff by being a Bellesa Plus member for a low, low price of $3 per month.


Frolicme has porn on a completely different level- there’s art (and lots of it!), and it doesn’t feel artificial or staged in any way. Plus, a membership to the site unlocks an embarrassment of riches, including stories, audio, a photo gallery, and magazines sent straight to your inbox.

The creme de la creme is easily all the impressive videos you get to watch once you pay the entrance fee. If the enticing monthly fee is not enough to make you try it, a quick visit to the ethical erotica should convince you to fork out the cash to get a peek at the goods.


An Aussie-based erotic website that’s dedicated to producing feature-length adult films, Lightsouthern has that indie vibe and beautiful porn videos for your viewing pleasure. For $60, you get six acclaimed feature films, access to a high-resolution photo gallery, exclusive scenes, a crap ton of HD videos, and even a behind-the-scenes view of how the ethical process works.

Dive a bit deeper and you get extra bonuses such as audio porn and articles on how you can make the most of your sexual journey and experience.


Joy Bear is more than just a website that caters to ethical porn- it’s a brand associated with original, high-end erotic films that are literally a joy to watch. It’s based in the UK and has content divided into mainstream categories such as ‘women in control’, ‘bts’, ‘lesbian’, and more, which means there’s something for everyone.

The cost to join Joybear is reasonable at $5 a month for a 1-year commitment and only $199.95 for unlocking the lifetime membership. Otherwise, you’d be paying $9.95 a month to try it out. It’s money well-spent since you’d be supporting the performers in the process.


Yes, OnlyFans is considered ‘ethical’ since you pay for the content you want to watch or access, and the members produce only the ones they’re comfortable with. In a way, you’ll be supporting your favorite sex personalities through their journey, and there’s no pressure on their end.

It’s also a very popular platform that’s exploded in recent years, mostly because of people staying at home or working from home. The OF models make money on their own terms and they can get financial support directly and without having to work for a company.

Ethical Porn FAQs

Why should I watch ethical porn?

If you or your partner are looking for a change of pace, or want to watch something that isn’t too focused on the men’s gaze, then you should try ethical porn. It appeals to a greater audience, including women, queers, transgenders, and non-binaries.

Why pay for ethical porn?

The more correct question is, why not? With free porn, you get a hit-or-miss experience depending on the video you want. However, there’s also the economy, or the supply and demand of things, where the more you support the performers the greater the quality of content they produce. A happy porn star makes for a better video, so to speak.

Where can I find the best ethical porn?

I’ve outlined several websites, platforms, and brands where you can begin your ethical porn journey above. Once you get a taste of the niche, feel free to branch out on your own and explore. Remember to support your favorite sites by signing up for a membership so you can see more content in the future.

Who makes ethical porn?

There’s a movement in the sex trade industry that seeks to compensate performers and protect them from the dangers of non-consensual videos. Thus, the term ‘ethical’ was created. It’s an umbrella or a sub-niche where directors and people want to make the porn industry a better place in terms of workplace conditions.

Can I watch ethical porn with my partner?

Sure, why not? In fact, I’d recommend first-time viewers start with ethical porn. It caters to the woman as much as the man, and the artistry is on a whole new level. There’s a high chance that your partner will like it as much as you do as long as they keep an open mind and are comfortable with what they’re seeing.

What makes porn ‘ethical’?

Porn videos are considered ‘ethical’ if they meet all the requirements as listed in our ‘Why is it Called Ethical Porn’ section. Aside from having a fair compensation structure, ethical porn depicts real and natural sexual acts and the joy that comes from them.


There’s no better time than now to include ethical porn in your sex life. Understanding how the industry works and how it can benefit you will make you see the industry in a whole new light. What’s more, if you’re an avid enthusiast then you owe it to yourself to support future videos and start paying for the content you want to see. Give ethical porn a try and tell us what you think!