What is the male g spot?

It’s fair to think that the famed g-spot only belongs to the female anatomy. Let’s face it- how many guys do you know talk about having a heightened orgasm because their g-spots were tickled? Answer- probably zero.

But, like the X-Files, the truth is actually out there. Or here, if you want to know what the male g-spot is all about. You’d be surprised to find out where it’s actually located, but a growing curiosity will make you wonder how you or your partner can hit it.

Where is the Male G Spot?

You’re probably wondering, ‘what is male g spot?’

It’s referred to as the p-spot and is basically the counterpart of a woman’s g-spot. If you really want to know, a man’s g-spot is a small organ or a gland that can produce immense sexual pleasure and earth-shaking orgasms.

The ‘p’ in p spot stands for ‘prostate’, which is exactly where you can find it. Technically speaking, the male g-spot is a walnut-sized organ that can be found about two inches inside a man’s rectum. Yes, you heard it right- man’s biggest orgasm organ is inside his butt!

How to Find Male G Spot

It’s pretty easy to find the male g-spot, especially after you discover that it’s within the prostate area. Chances are that you’d be hitting it inadvertently as you reach your finger up towards the belly and feel a small nub along the walls.

However, I don’t recommend you go there unarmed. If you’re up to exploring the male g spot, then you should have at least a bottle of lube and a glove, and your man should have at least washed and wiped before attempting this little-known feat.

Also, your man or partner should be relaxed and comfortable about the experience. Talk things before you begin, and while you’re in the male g-spot journey. It shouldn’t take you too long to find the male g-spot and stimulate it since it’s within easy reach, albeit in somewhat forbidden territory.

How to Reach the Male G Spot

Now that you know how to hit male g spot, let’s talk about how you can reach it.

You’ll have two options on how to reach your partner’s p-spot. The first is inside the anus, while the second is through the perineum. To explain, the perineum is the small area that divides the guy’s anus and scrotum.

Of course, the best way to stimulate the prostate is still from within, but then your partner can choose the perineum if they’re uncomfortable with you playing doctor.

Once you’re both ready, lube up and glove up, then start your search for the magic spot. It’s a good idea to stimulate the perineum first- experiment by giving it a slight stroke at different speeds, then increasing the pressure gradually. At this point, you can supplement with a mini-handjob, a slow blowjob, or cupping the balls.

Then, with a lubed-up finger, slowly move inside and stop when you’re about two inches deep. Try to find the prostate, which is similar to a small wad of tissue along the way. Once you’re there, execute a ‘come hither’ motion with the inserted finger and see his reaction to it.

Similarly to a woman’s g-spot, the stimulation will depend on the individual. Does he like it slow and steady, or a bit quicker and with more pressure? Communication is the key to an amazing male orgasm, which means that you should be having a small conversation as to how you might proceed.

The Best Sex Positions to Hit the Male G Spot

You may have questions about how your partner can stimulate your prostate in the easiest way possible. Well, it depends on your position and how accessible your prostate is to them.

That said, there are some sex positions that afford easy male g-spot stimulation, including lying face down, on all fours, and on the side. Also, you can have your partner wield a sex toy, such as a male g spot massager to get the intended effect.

Lie Face Down

It’s a fairly straightforward sex position for hitting the male g-spot. He can lie down on the bed, face-down and with his legs spread slightly apart.

You, on the other hand, sit down beside and prop a pillow up your partner’s hips. Then, lube up and slowly enter the butt to locate and massage the p spot. The only downside to this is that your partner wouldn’t be doing anything else.

On All Fours

Your partner does the reverse doggy to get his g-spot pleasured. It’s also simple- he goes down on all fours, while you kneel at the back and do the deed.

Alternatively, you can get down on the floor in a sixty-nine position for extra pleasure. However, it’s recommended that you only do this if you know you can reach and hit his g spot consistently. You can start sucking his cock while your finger snakes slowly upwards and into his anus. Don’t forget to lube up so it won’t feel rough or invasive.

On The Side

Yep, this will be like a trip to the doctor for that dreaded check-up. Except that you’ll be doing the inspection.

Have your partner lie on his side. Also, have him raise one leg to his chest to expose the butt and make it easy for you to reach the p spot. Sit behind your partner and do the deed- it should be easy to locate and massage.

This position also has a downside where you won’t get any stimulation. However, once you’ve done this a few times then you can experiment with different positions, or add several toys such as dildos and vibrators so you can join in on the fun.

Use a G Spot Sex Toy to Consistently Get G Spot Stimulation

A sex toy is one of the best investments you can make if you want to experience a male g-spot orgasm. They’re designed to reach and hit the sweet spot consistently so you won’t have to spend more time than needed in terms of prostate stimulation.

However, not all sex toys are the same, especially when it comes to the male p-spot. That said, Quinn is your best option if you want to try something new.

Quinn is an anal or prostrate massager with a surprising feature- a vibrate option that comes with a remote. The slight curve and bumps on the end hit the sweet p spot while staying securely in place. What I like about Quinn is how it’s made to stimulate both the internal prostate and the perineum, so there’s a great chance that you or your partner will experience the orgasm that comes with massaging the male prostate.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can press the power button and set the toy to vibrate. Be prepared, though- most guys get powerful orgasms even without the extra feature, so only do it if you’re experienced enough to handle the intense sensations that follow.

Quinn eliminates the finger session and gets you and your partner into the thick of things. Make sure to buy the right lube and read the instructions before taking the leap.

The Male G Spot FAQs

Is there really a thing as a male g spot?

For the thousandth time, yes there is a male g spot, although you won’t find it outside. Unlike the female g-spot, which can be found right inside the vagina, the male g spot (or sometimes referred to as the p spot) is found inside the anus.

Why are men so afraid of the male g-spot?

The fact that the g spot is found right inside the butt is probably what confuses most men. While massaging the perineum, or the skin between the balls and anus can stimulate it, the real experience is stimulating it from the inside.

Can I get a sex toy instead of having someone finger me?

Sure! You can use Quinn as a male g spot massager if you don’t want any finger up your butt. Make sure to apply a generous amount of lube and wash up before doing this.

What if I don’t feel anything during male g spot stimulation?

Every male physiology is different, especially in prostate massage or stimulation. It’s actually okay to not feel any strong sensations when your male g spot is caressed- just try again or have your partner give you a handjob or blowjob to sweeten things up.

How to relax before male prostate massage?

Most partners talk about the prospect of g spot stimulation before they try it. Alternatively, you can take a hot shower or do some foreplay first before attempting to find and hit it.

Go to Town and Feel A New Male G Spot Experience Like Never Before

Exploring new things in the bedroom is what makes sex life exciting. Partners who wish to try male g spot stimulation should proceed slowly, and read up on our guide to male g spot stimulation. Once you find it, I recommend you explore ways on how you can sweeten the experience.