Breast bondage is an excellent kink to try if you’re more of a boob person than an ass person.

I know what you’re thinking- as long as you’re doing BDSM, why not go all out and experience the whole shebang? Well, the answer to that is simple- breast bondage can serve as an appetizer before you commit to the entire entree.

The beauty of breast play is that it’s easy to get started. Also, even if you’re not that into BDSM you can still get a pleasurable kick out of getting your boobs tied up, or seeing your partner’s titties in a promiscuous light.

What is Breast Bondage?

There’s just something about breasts that make men (and sometimes women) want to touch them, squeeze them, fondle them, and do all kinds of things with them. As it turns out, staring at breasts may have a factor in extending men’s lifespan.

If they’re your best assets, then you may want to consider agreeing to a breast bondage session.

Breast bondage, or boob bondage, is sometimes referred to as breast rope bondage. Therein lies its definition- an act of BDSM where you or your partner’s breasts are glorified with a rope, a harness, or special sex equipment.

And yes, breast bondage can be considered a small part of a larger whole- the BDSM, or the bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism niche. It’s not uncommon for couples to start with a piece of equipment, say a pair of cuffs, restraints, or latex bodysuits as an experiment to see if they like it.

Technically speaking, boob bondage is an act where your or your partner’s breasts get tied up with a rope or similar material. The goal of the rope is to make the boobs more visible and appealing, and as a precursor to the kink or sexual play.

The breasts’ natural beauty is amplified, and it can make sex more enjoyable if done right. So if you both are curious as to what BDSM is all about, you can begin your journey here.

Why Breast Bondage?

Seriously, are you asking why you should try breast bondage?

Even if you don’t like boobs that much (again…who doesn’t?), there’s no excuse to experiment on this sexual act right away.

If you’re the type of person to need a reason, then here are four good points.

Visual Appeal

Like the push-up bra and plunging necklines, boob bondage puts the breast up front and center, highlighting them in a way like never before. The rope or tie makes the mammary glands stand out so the viewer can get an eyeful (and possibly a handful).

Breast bondage works, regardless of cup size. So don’t worry if you have small boobs- you can still tie them up and make them look nice.

Perfect for Those with Boob Fetish

If you’re more of a boob guy than an ass guy (or gal), then this BDSM is for you.

Irrespective of whether you’re doing the whole hands-and-feet thing commonly associated with BDSM, with some positioning you or your partner can put their best asset forward. Breast bondage is the recommended bedroom play for individuals who love seeing boobs and those who wish to flaunt theirs to their partners.

It’s Pleasurable for Some People

Yes, the breast and all its parts can be an erogenous zone. There are some people who are very sensitive when they or others touch or fondle their breasts. Even a slight bump or accidental graze can make them hold a moan when in public or get all hot and bothered, sexually wise.

Again, if you’re the type of person to get sexually stimulated with boobs, or someone who has sensitive nipples or breasts, then you should definitely give it a try.

Boob Bondage Plays Into the Whole BDSM Thing

Once you have the answer to the question ‘what is breast bondage’, then you might be a tad curious as to what it involves. Should you decide to pursue it further, you’ll find that it’s a part of the whole dominant-submissive niche.

It’s okay to hesitate and not dive into a submissive-dominant scheme, and this is where breast bondage comes into play. Breast bdsm is the somewhat gentler counterpart to cuffs, whole body harnesses, and ball gags.

The Best Breast Bondage Gear

So maybe you want to try boob bondage but don’t have an idea where to start. If this is you, then here are five things you may want to consider to kickstart your journey.

Nylon Bondage Rope Tying 16 ft (Black)

So, first things first. In breast bondage, you’ll need a sturdy yet safe and gentle rope. Not any rope in the house will do- you’ll want to get a specially-made bondage rope for the best possible experience.

The Nylon Bondage Rope has an adequate length of 16 feet, which should be more than enough to tie the breasts several ways. The material is body-safe and doesn’t have any sharp or thin threads that can cause an injury. As for longevity, the ends are sealed and won’t fray as easily.

This nylon rope will be your best friend in the bedroom.

Octopus SM Vibrator

With your boobs (and possibly, hands) all tied up, you may wonder how you can get stimulated. After all, bedroom play should be a two-way street, right?

The Octopus SM Vibrator will be the solution you never knew you needed. It’s a vibrator-pleasure machine with several twists. Up front is an octopus head that can vibrate 9 different ways, and at the end is a mini octopus with several soft tentacles.

The tentacles can vibrate and provide a gentle yet sexually satisfying flogging. You can use the vibrator to stimulate the clit, or hand it to your partner and wait for them to use it on you.

No Peeking Blindfold

Sure, you can use a regular eye mask to play into the whole BDSM thing, but then your partner might be turned off by it. The No Peeking Blindfold, however, has that classic black leather style that suits all occasions, even breast bondage.

The blindfold has the extra benefit of heightening your other senses, including the ones on your breast. What’s more, you can fantasize and let your imagination run wild, or have a role-playing side theme going on.

As for the material, the blindfold is made from vinyl and sports a diamond-stitched pattern. The elastic strap is adjustable and can accommodate different sizes.

Cherry Bondage Nipple Clamps

If you can get past the initial ‘clamps are painful’ myth, then you should definitely try nipple clamps. This Cherry Bondage Clamps are perfect as they lend both kink and a playful element in your breast bondage session.

The ends of the clamps are rubber-tipped and won’t pinch or cause injury to your nipples. Make sure to adjust them beforehand to eliminate discomfort. Dangling at the end of each clamp are cute bunches of cherries and a green leaf to add color.

These clamps go very well with the bondage rope- as long as you’re trying boob bondage then you may as well do the whole shebang.

3 Fragrances Sensual Massage Oil Candle Set

Last but not least, you should accompany each bondage session with a scented candle or two.

The 3 Fragrances Oil Candle Set will set the mood and provide a welcome depth to the play. After lighting the candle, you can use the oil-wax to massage your partner and get her ready for the bondage. The smell is very nice and relaxing, and both of you will surely enjoy it afterward.

How to Do Breast Bondage?

The first rule of breast bondage is to always ask for consent. Both parties should agree to the play on their own accord. Don’t force your partner to do it just because you want to. With a bit of luck and patience, he or she might re-think it and agree in the end.

You may want to learn about ropework before attempting it on your partner. There are several different ways to tie up the breasts, and most of them include making a bight, or a loop that gets folded in itself.

Slow and easy does the trick. Be patient- first-timers are usually clumsy on the rope-tying. The less slack and the more taut, the better. However, it shouldn’t be too tight that it leaves a rope burn. If your partner says they’re uncomfortable or in a degree of pain, revise the tie or knot.

Once the breasts are tied up and in position, you both can start the play. Use the sex toys you have, or have your partner play with your breast and nipples. They can suck the nipples, pinch it, or massage the whole tits. Your partner can even use a flog or lightly slap your breasts for good measure.

Breast Bondage Tutorials

If you’re wondering how to tie breast bondage, then sit up straight and pay attention. Here are several breast bondage tutorials, complete with steps and an instructional video.

Simple Chest Harness

Good for beginners, the simple chest harness starts with a bight.

Step 1. Position the bight at the spine above the chest, then run it through forward above the breasts. Complete the loop by going back to the bight.

Step 2. Run both ends of the rope in the bight and tighten a bit. Pull the rope to create a loop around, running it back to the front but this time, below the breasts.

Step 3. Move the rope through the middle and push under the band, pulling in and at the opposite direction. Make another pass at the top of the breasts and return to the bight.

Step 4. Tuck both rope ends under the top rope later and pull it down and beneath the band. Give the rope a tug and pull up, then wrap the ends under the vertically-aligned strap.

Step 5. Pull the rope ends on the side and fold them back to the strap. Thread under the band and above the breasts.

Step 6. Let the rope pass the other back shoulder, and pull through the middle of the loop. Create an overhand knot to finish the bond.

Breast Circling

A relatively simple breast bondage tie, breast circling is great for those who have ample bosoms. You’ll need a thin breast bondage rope to do this properly.

Step 1. Have your partner bend forward with hands behind the back. Give one breast two loops of rope at the base and tie with a square knot.

Step 2. Do the breast loop tie on the other breast and secure with a square knot. For a more pronounced or bulging effect, it’s recommended that you do one or two more loops until the breast color darkens.

Step 3. Finish the rope with an overhand knot. Keep in mind that you need two rope pieces for this bondage. Alternatively, you can use one long piece of rope and a figure-eight style of wrapping, with the rope tied at the back.

Shinju Style

For this breast bondage you’ll need a lengthy piece of rope.

Step 1. Create a bight and position it to your partner’s spine and at the lower breast. Hold a finger through the fold and loop the rope around her body, at the lower breast, and back to the spine.

Step 2. Pull the ends through the loop and separate both of them. Put one on each shoulder. Turn your partner to face you, then move the rope beneath the already-made loop from the top. Move the rope back to the shoulder.

Step 3. On her back, get both rope ends and give it a pull sideways. Place a finger on the spine around her top breast part and in between the ropes on her shoulder. A small space should be created between the strap and the double rope.

Step 4. Pull the rope around and bring it back to her spine. The two pieces can be pulled through the loop you made with your finger and along the first strap.

Step 5. Pass the rope underneath the breasts, then separate and pull one to the left and the other to the right. Wrap it around the band if there’s excess. You can leave the rest dangling for added effect.

Breast Bondage Safety

Talk About It

Tying up your partner without any warning will surely end up in an awkward state. They won’t know what’s happening, or why you’re suddenly trussing their body up without a notice. Think about it this way- if it were you, won’t you lose feeling horny and instead have a ‘what the fuck is happening?’ mindset?

So, bottom line is that you should always talk about what you want to do in the bedroom beforehand. Also, get permission. It’s their body, after all.

Have a Pair of Shears Handy

A pair of adequately-sized scissors, or shears will come in very handy when you’re doing breast rope bondage. Keep it in arm’s reach and ready whenever there’s an emergency. Your partner might suddenly feel very uncomfortable, or the rope may have been tied too tight.

As a side note, some people like a tight tie, but that shouldn’t turn the breasts blue or make her lose feeling in that area.

Communicate, Have a Safe Word

As with all BDSM play, it’s important that you have a safe word you both can use. Choose one that you normally don’t say while having sex. Throughout the session, communicate and ask each other how they feel.

Go Slow, Then Gain Steam

Take breast bondage nice and slow at the begining and get a feel for the play. Then, as you both get more comfortable, ease into the role and have fun. You may like it so much that you want to incorporate it into some other routines, such as roleplaying and whatnot. When you’re both feeling bolder, introduce some sex toys for greater pleasure.

Breast Bondage FAQs

What kind of rope should I use for breast bondage?

It’s best to get a specially-made rope for BDSM play and kinky stuff. A thin, fray-free rope that has a considerable length should do just fine.

Does breast bondage hurt?

Breast bondage BDSM, as kinky as it sounds, shouldn’t be painful at all. If your partner likes a little pain, then make a few adjustments to accommodate their pleasure.

How to tie boobs in bondage?

There are several ways to tie someone up and expose their breasts in the best light. Follow our tutorial above.

Is breast bondage really satisfying?

When done right, boob bondage elevates sexual pleasure on both sides to a higher level. People who love staring at breasts and massaging them should definitely try it, as should people who are extra sensitive to breast and nipple stroking.

How to do breast bondage?

It’s really simple- get a lengthy piece of rope, start practicing different ways to tie up the boobs, and get ready for an experience like no other.