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How to turn on your partner right?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you knew how to turn someone on? Probably not, right? Is it because you felt that these kinds of things should come naturally? Or that sex, in general, should require little to no work…

How to Heat and Cool a Glass Dildo?

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Temperature play is a form of stimulation that focuses on your sense of touch. It involves using warm and cool objects to tease and titillate your partner. Temperature play is a great way to set the mood during foreplay, especially…

How to Use Suction Cup Sex Toys

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Suction cups are one of the most common sex toy features. You can find them in dildos, male masturbators, vibrators and even high-end sex machines. But does anyone actually use them? What’s So Special About Suction Cup Sex Toys? The…

Top 5 Freakiest Zodiac Signs in Bed

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Astrology can shed some light on what some zodiac signs like or dislike in the bedroom. Interested in finding out which Zodiac sign makes the best bed partner? Which zodiac signs are the freakiest and craziest? As part of this…

Sex dolls usage encyclopedia guide

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You don’t have to contend with sex deprivation while there are sex dolls for your convenience. Get these amazing dolls and we’ll tell you how to use them, what to expect, and safety measures to observe.   Sex dolls have…

I was diagnosed with vaginismus

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The first time I had penetrative sex, I was in pain for days. I thought this was normal; I had always been told the first time was supposed to be uncomfortable for vagina owners. I wasn’t concerned until peeing, putting on…