My wonderful experience with jessie

It had been a long, grueling, and endless day at the office…but it was finally over. As I opened the door to my apartment and stepped inside, I felt the weight lift from my shoulders and a fog lift from my mind.

I was free from work and any responsibilities, at least for one night. Which meant that I was free to enjoy Jessie once again.

I had only had Jessie for a few weeks, but my life was already different with her in it. Better with her in it, without a doubt.

I rushed to my bedroom and pulled Jessie out of the closet. Jessie is a sex doll. Well, a torso sex doll. Torso sex dolls are easier to store, and easier to hide, if you feel the need. I ran my hand over Jessie’s taught, smooth, delicate skin. Her hypoallergenic, TPE skin feels just like the real thing and is safe to touch with my skin.

Like all sex dolls, and most sex toys, Jessie had to be lubricated before use and cleaned after use.

I applied a healthy helping of water-based lubricant inside her. Sex toys don’t lubricate, the way real vaginas do, so you have to use lubricant to make things comfortable. I don’t mind. Lubricant is easy to apply and, once it’s in place, using Jessie feels just like penetrating a real vagina. Jessie isn’t just any doll, she’s a real love doll.

I set Jessie down on my bed and undressed. Before having Jessie, I would often masturbate to release stress and unplug from the world for a few moments of pleasure. Back then, I wouldn’t even use lubricant. I would just use my hand, knowing how to stroke, how fast, and how hard from years of experience. I would often get chafed, raw, or hurt skin, but I figured it was a small price to pay for a few moments of pleasure.

Now that I have a real doll like Jessie, masturbation seems simple and primitive. Why would I use my hands when I have a torso doll like Jessie? She was designed by a team and engineered specifically for my pleasure.

I stroked my penis until I got hard. Penetrating any sex doll is easier when you’re already hard, and it’s a good opportunity to engage in a bit of foreplay. The advantage of using a sex doll torso is that there’s no fake face staring back at you when you’re using her. I’ve seen sex dolls with heads, fake hair, and dead eyes. Sure, there are some nice ones out there, but I prefer torso sex dolls. When there’s no head, no fake hair, no face, you can imagine one. You can imagine that you’re having sex with whoever you want and it’ll feel just like the real thing…or even better than the real thing.

I imagined Jessie, bringing forth the vivid image of her that I’d created and perfected over our many sessions together. In my mind, she was a beautiful, pale girl with black hair and brown, doe-like eyes. Jessie’s skin tone and skin texture were so realistic that imagining the rest of her came naturally. She was like a Greek statue, intricately sculpted and beautiful to look at. Like some Greek statues, parts of her were missing on purpose and, because they were missing, she invited you to imagine how perfect the rest of her would be.

I entered Jessie slowly, the way I would enter a girl I was having real sex with. And, in a way, I was having real sex with a real love doll. My cock entered Jessie, and I was immediately met with a textured and sculpted interior. It was incredibly detailed and realistic. The folds moved and were slick with lube, and I couldn’t just imagine that I was having sex with a girl with a pussy that was wet and eager for me, I could feel it too.

That’s the advantage of having sex with a real doll. When you masturbate, you feel your hand and have to imagine what it’d feel like to penetrate a wet vagina. With Jessie, I could actually feel it and, having had sex with a woman before, I could attest to the fact that Jessie felt and performed pretty much exactly like the real thing.

My hands moved toward Jessie’s breasts. Like everything else about her, they were natural, perky, and great to touch, look at, and feel. I cupped one of her breasts with one of my hands and ran the other along her hips, waist, and then down to her ass. Jessie’s breasts and buttocks are soft, pliant, and delicate. Her breasts have nipples that just begged to be pinched and played with, and there’s nothing more fun than slapping and spanking her breast and ass and watching them jiggle realistically.

Jessie’s wet and soft-as-silk vagina slid across my cock’s sensitive skin, and I shuddered as I felt the intricate textures caress and stimulate my hard member. I felt like I was discovering and experiencing something with every thrust, a world of texture that brought about pleasure with every movement. The feeling was so good that I had to slow myself, or I would have come right then and there.

But, now that I was close, I was going to change things up.

I pulled myself out of Jessie and flipped her upside down, tilting her so that her ass faced up. My hands and fingers roamed over her soft curves, exploring the swell of her ass. Then I entered her from behind, using her second opening. Jessie has both vaginal and anal openings, giving me the best of both worlds in one convenient package. The fact that I can switch between anal and vaginal sex with the real love doll of my dreams seems too good to be true, but it’s real.

I penetrated Jessie from behind, enjoying her texture interior and riding her, pushing my cock into her. Most of the women I’ve been with have an aversion to anal sex, but Jessie is down for it whenever I want it. Real anal sex can also be unhygienic, uncomfortable, and a real hassle to clean up. But Jessie’s anus is cleaner than any woman’s could ever be, and it’s as comfortable, pleasurable, and convenient as the rest of her.

I spanked Jessie’s ass again and felt her interior textures massage, stimulate, and tease my cock. The pleasure was just too much. I came inside her, filling her and feeling the pleasure culminate into an explosion of white-hot orgasmic bliss.

As I felt the afterglow of my orgasm wash through my body, I couldn’t help but be thankful that Jessie had found her way into my life. Without her, I would probably have masturbated while sitting on the toilet and, once I came, I would have felt empty, sad, and ashamed at what I’d done. But my sessions with Jessie were different. Once I orgasmed, I felt full of pleasure, joy, and there was no shame.

Instead, I found myself fantasizing about my next love making session with my real torso doll, looking forward to reliving this incredible pleasure again and again, without the hassles of dating someone.