How to Use Suction Cup Sex Toys

Suction cups are one of the most common sex toy features. You can find them in dildos, male masturbators, vibrators and even high-end sex machines. But does anyone actually use them?

What’s So Special About Suction Cup Sex Toys?

The suction cup holds your sex toy securely in place while freeing your hands for other things, like teasing your clit or rubbing your balls. It’s the third hand you’ve always needed!

Once you no longer need to hold your sex toy, you can use it in multiple positions, including doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. You could even do a standing leg split or another Kama Sutra position.

Suction cups are perfect for singles, who can’t hold a vibe while rubbing their clit and pinching their nipples all at the same time. And plenty of couples use them for creating faux threesomes!

Okay You Sold Me. Now Where Can I Use My New Suction Cup Toy?

Suction cup sex toys stick to most smooth, firm surfaces, including wood, glass, metal and stone. Tile, however, varies depending on the size of each individual tile and its finish. The suction cup needs to fit on a single tile without any grout lines getting in the way. Rough textures can also prevent the suction cup from creating a firm seal.

There are still plenty of other places where you can use your suction cup sex toy. Most people start out with the headboard of their bed and take it from there. You could also use a glass shower door, a kitchen countertop, a wooden chair in your living room, a dining room table, or even a washing machine. Hey, don’t judge until you’ve tried it on the spin cycle!

Be careful when using suction cup toys in the shower or tub. All that water could leave you and your sex toy slipping and sliding. You might also knock your shower door off its track if you get carried away in the heat of the moment!

What Happens If I Can’t Get The Suction Cup To Stick?

If your suction cup keeps coming loose, try licking around the edges. This creates a tighter seal, especially if you’re dealing with a surface that isn’t completely smooth. It works with water too if you’re in the bathroom or kitchen. Don’t try this trick with lube, though. It can leave your suction cup toy sliding all over the place.

If that doesn’t work, look for a smoother surface nearby. It’s also possible that your sex toy might be a little too heavy for the suction cup to handle by itself. This can happen with some of the bigger dildos and vibrators. You’ll just need to hold your toy against the wall with one hand, while inserting it at the same time. Once your body’s supporting some of the weight, the suction cup will be able to hold it in place from there.

Help – My Suction Cup Won’t Come Off!

Most suction cups have a small tab near the edge. Pulling on that tab can usually break the seal so you can remove it. If that doesn’t do the trick, slip a firm card such as an old driver’s license between the suction cup and the surface before gently prying it up.