Get some of that lovin’ with your new favorite toys

Whether it’s on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook or Youtube, you always see tons and tons of couples showing their love for each other through gifts or small acts of love.

It’s quite a nice thing to see but for single people like us, it can become a hard pill to swallow.

Why? Honestly, it’s because you wish you had a partner too!

Where’s the one you can have breakfast with in the morning, to hop on their car to get to work, to have silly dates at the park and have steamy sex all night long?

We don’t hate couples. We just get jealous of you a lot – sometimes!

But if Valentines’ Day is for the people who are linked with someone else, then November 11 is for the people who haven’t found “The One” yet, or they willingly choose to live alone (which is super cool too)!

What does this date mean? It’s called Single’s Day.

What is Single’s Day?

According to Jagran Josh, Single’s Day originated from a band of bachelors who wanted to cynically respond to the customary festivities for couples. Hence why it was first referred to as Bachelor’s Day!

I mean, I get it! There are so many days meant for couples to celebrate so naturally, there should be one for single people like us!

You might be wondering, though – why choose this particular date?

From the same article, the number “1” represents a singular person, the number “11” represents two people meeting for a special date, and when you put it as “11.11”, it becomes a celebration of one or more people, which means that on this day you are reminded that you are worthy of love regardless of whether or not you have a partner!

Heck, you can celebrate this with your fellow single bestie and that will be the special date!

It’s not just loving yourself within family and friendships, it also reminds you to love yourself in your alone-ness because that is okay too!

You are beautiful just that way you are and having a partner shouldn’t be the standard of how well you live your life.

So, go out there and celebrate! Treat yourself to the best wine and dine experience and maybe at home, you can get down and dirty all night long.

In fact, if that’s part of your plans, then may I suggest some companions to make this day extra hot?

Scroll down to find out!


(Joi – Rotating Head G-spot Vibrator & Clit Licker)

Just as the name says, Joi is going to give you the utmost joy this Single’s Day. She is a double-ended g-spot vibrator with clit licker that is so good at keeping you filled and worshiped in all of your pleasure spots.

She has 7 tongue licking patterns and 7 vibrating rotation patterns so whether you want it soft or intense, Joi can give it to you with just a click of a button.

You only need lube to carefully put her in place and away you go into the double-orgasm of your dreams!

Pomi Wand

If you want a classic that is both powerful and discrete then look no further than the Pomi Wand!

I tried this one out in the past and you can check my review on it!

But let me give you the low-down: This wand is a mini wand vibrating massager with 10 vibration modes which you can use to stimulate various erogenous zones in your body.

You read that right! From your nipples to your clit, Pomi can deliver unrivaled power despite its lightweight design. Perfect for those who are up for edging despite having the place all to themselves.

The Naughty Collection

It’s a naughty one indeed because this is a vibrator with interchangeable heads! So, if you’re in the mood for something different, this collection can switch as easily as 1, 2, and 3!

This comes in 3 varieties depending on your persuasion:

  • The Pink Bundle has a rabbit attachment for clit stimulation and a curved head attachment for a delicious g-spot massage.
  • The Blu Bundle has two classic clit massagers together. One takes the form of a lipstick for resting directly on your clit and the other takes the shape of a ball to stimulate the clit’s surrounding areas.
  • The Coral Bundle has a tongue attachment to make you feel as if someone is eating you out, and a uniquely-contoured attachment that powerfully hits your g-spot.

All of these bundles have 3 adjustable strengths, 5 vibration patterns so you literally have the world in your hands when it comes to exploring what makes you feel oh-so good.

The Wrap-Up

Apart from some mind-blowing sex, you can also celebrate Single’s Day in a few different ways like getting together with other single friends and have your own singles’ party! Or maybe bundle up on your couch for a solo movie night with your favorite comfort food. You can also sign up for those pottery classes you’ve been eyeing for a few months now and live your “Ghost” dreams! If you’re up for it, you can also volunteer for a cause! Choose an organization that you’d like to participate in and ask if they need an extra hand! It’s never too late to help someone in need.

Like what I said before, this day is all about you – how beautiful, wonderful, and talented you are. You should be proud of how far you’ve come; use this day as motivation to keep striving for even more greatness!

And while we may get jealous of couples, remember that you are a bombshell that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives one day! Don’t rush loving another person. Instead, take the time loving all of yourself and that includes the good, bad and the ugly.

From one single to another, I’m sending all my love to you and I wish you the juiciest, sexiest and best Single’s Day ever! Mwah!