Experience the Pleasure Wave with 5 Cowgirl Positions

Let me ask you a question: What’s better than driving a car?

Forgive my language, but it’s definitely riding a penis.

While driving a machine gives you confidence in controlling a vehicle, riding a penis gives you pleasure in controlling your own level of stimulation.

If you’ve stumbled across this article and wondered what it means to be a cowgirl for a penis, let us explain:

According to Women’s Health, cowgirl is one of the best sex positions because it allows for mutual satisfaction while giving you complete control.

Just because it’s a well-loved position doesn’t mean it’s difficult. In fact, it’s quite easy!

From the same article, you can become a cowgirl by:

-Kneeling on top of your partner and using your hands to run up and down their chest.

-Grind against their penis and feel it grow hard and wet with your own fluids.

-Slowly insert their penis with lube, ensuring proper lubrication.

-Move at your own pace and intensity! You can lean your hands on their chest or prop yourself up against their thighs, whichever angle gives you the most pleasure as you move together.

Speaking of different positions, the cowgirl world is slowly welcoming more variations that you can enjoy, like the five new variations we will discuss below:

  1. Twerk: Yes, you heard it correctly. You’re doing one of the famous dance moves of our generation on a hard, erect penis. It might sound challenging, but trust us, once you get the hang of it, this move will be in your riding repertoire for ages to come.
  2. Overturned: This is like the classic cowgirl, but the person on top is facing the other direction, so your back faces your partner. Your hips are being held up in suspension by your partner’s hands on your waist. It takes a few minutes to get settled in, but once you do, you can bounce away while enjoying the view in front of you.
  3. Snack: You and your partner must be seated on a table for this one. You’ll be seated on your partner’s lap, with your feet against the chair’s backrest. This position is about limiting your movement, so let your partner lead and focus on how to pleasure you.
  4. Titanic: Your partner will be lying down, and you will straddle them with your back facing them, resting your torso against their thighs. This gives you leverage to slide up and down while rubbing your clit against their thighs, leading to an even more intense orgasm.
  5. Orgasm Generator: This is the classic cowgirl with a twist. You’ll straddle your partner who’s seated in a chair and carefully place both your legs over the armrests. With your hands resting on both sides of your partner’s head, sink yourself down on their penis, then lift yourself up and down to the rhythm of the sex.


So there you have it! Five new variations of the cowgirl position that are making waves in the world of sex. Feel free to try them out at your own pace and with your desired lubricant. Remember, no one is forcing you to try all of them, but we hope this article serves as a guide to help you find your perfect cowgirl experience.