Earth-Shattering Pleasure: The Blended Orgasm

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably heard many kinds of orgasms. From the clit, to the vagina and even to the anal, we’ve learned about the many ways you can pleasure these glorious areas and achieved the highest form of orgasm.

Here we thought we knew it all. Turns out, there’s another kind of orgasm we missed out on and it’s called the blended orgasm?

What’s that you may ask? Did it come shaken or stirred? Sweet or strong?

Nope, this isn’t a drink you have at the bar with a controversial name. This is actually a thing that happens to people who have a vagina!

Even when I first heard about this, I didn’t know what it meant but after exploring it myself, all I could say right now is that it’s one of the most earth-shattering things I’ve ever felt!

What is a Blended Orgasm?

First things first, basics! According to Healthline, a blended orgasm means that one is experiencing both vaginal and clitoral release at the same time.

Imagine this: You’re in the heat of the moment – naked, wet and so sensitive to every touch of your own fingers or your partner’s. Your body responds to how it fills you up inside or going circles around your clit but you can’t imagine them both happening at the same time. That’s okay – all you want is that sweet release.

But what if I tell you that it could happen? That you can pleasure yourself both ways and orgasm both ways too?

Sounds impossible, right?

It isn’t! In fact, you can actually do this by making sure to stimulate both areas at the same time.

How can you achieve a Blended Orgasm?

Good thing my bestie Cosmopolitan is here to lay it down for you!

But not without a tiny little note first. Since this type of orgasm is in a different league, it’s best to learn on your own first before you teach your partner (if you have one!)

Alright, then!

Begin by lying comfortably on your back and allow yourself to de-stress. Take your time and wait for your breathing to even, your body to release all the tension in the muscles, and for your mind to forget everything else for a while.

When you’re ready, stroke your clitoris lightly and patiently build up the pressure and speed until you can feel your orgasm hitting.

This next step is important: don’t cum! Take your hand off your clit and move it into your g-spot.

If you’re too in the moment to recall where it is – it should be an inch or two inside your vagina. Make sure the finger’s facing up too!

If you’re still unsure, then you’ll know you’ve found it when you get the urge to pee. Yes, I know it sounds kind of weird but trust me, that’s natural! Besides, that urge subsides pretty quickly.

Then do the same thing all over again – start light and gradually increase the intensity. Once you’re close to orgasm once more, use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris. Or if you’re lacking in coordination, a vibrator would suffice!

With one hand on your g-spot and the other on the clit, keep the momentum steady until you feel this huge wave of orgasm and then – let go.

Don’t hold anything back! Moan all you want and release all you want! The intense pleasure is extremely worth it!

How can your partner help you achieve a Blended Orgasm?

Now that you’ve learned the ropes, it’s time to show them to your partner!

Mind Body Green lays it down like this:

Get comfortable. Literally. Like what Cosmopolitan and I told you before, make sure to lie down on your back and let it all go. Focus on this moment to help you relax your body.

Then, have your partner penetrate your vagina. They can choose any pace with this – whatever works for both of you. Make sure to avoid as much pain as possible to prevent ruining the mood. Lube will be your best friend in this situation!

As your partner penetrates you, have them stimulate your clitoris with their hand at the same time.

It might be easier doing this solo because you have no one else to share the space with, so in this case, you can either do two things:

First, you can put a pillow or two under your pelvis and elevate your clitoris to a level where your partner can comfortably reach or

You can try stimulating your clit with your own hand since they’re more at level with each other.

Then, you can proceed as usual! In case you’re having trouble finding a rhythm, then you can try it one at a time to avoid the motions feeling disconnected.

Can toys also help me get a Blended Orgasm?

Of course you can! Well and Good said it themselves that you shouldn’t be afraid to use toys! We even mentioned that you can use a vibrator in case you need an extra hand that certainly won’t fail you.


If you need a suggestion, then Lilian is here for you! She is a g-spot vibrator and clit licker with a rotating head! With so much versatility in her curvy body, she can help you reach the blended orgasm of your dreams – without a partner or both your hands!

All you have to do is to fit the dildo part inside you and press the tongue part against your clit, choose a pattern you’d like to experience and let Joi have their way with you!

I’ve tried this g-spot vibrator before and let me tell you – it was so amazing! And I didn’t need to put in as much as I did with my own two hands!

The Wrap-Up

The blended orgasm is just one of the many types of orgasms we can experience in our lives. If you’re new here and you’ve stumbled your way into this article first, allow me to redirect you to two more awesome orgasms you can try right now: Clitoral Stimulation and Squirting!

But if you’ve been here before and have been reading my stuff feeling like you have to do all of these things, the answer is: You shouldn’t!

Just like what Refinery29 said, you shouldn’t pressure yourself into thinking that only one or more orgasms are the key to sexual success. Your pleasure is yours alone and I’m just here to guide you on finding out what that could be!

So enjoy it! I’ll see you next time!