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What’s a vaginal vibrator?

Anal Vibrators

Is it your first time using a vibrator? Well, suppose you don’t have a clue, we have good news for you- it doesn’t have to trouble you because that’s an easy thing requiring willingness and practice. The market also has…

Sex dolls usage encyclopedia guide

adult sex toys

You don’t have to contend with sex deprivation while there are sex dolls for your convenience. Get these amazing dolls and we’ll tell you how to use them, what to expect, and safety measures to observe.   Sex dolls have…

We Tested Out Long Distance Sex!


Curious about how the Lovense Max and the Lovense Nora connect? Wondering if it actually feels as good as it seems? Well, we actually tried it out! Here’s our experience with the interactive masturbator and rabbit vibrator, as well as how you can try…

Why Do Rabbit Vibrators Feel Good?

Rose vibrators

It’s not hard to agree that rabbit vibrators are one of the MVPs of the sex toy world. But, have you ever taken a second to wonder why rabbit vibrators feel so good? Turns out, there are quite a few reasons why…

I was diagnosed with vaginismus

couples sex toys

The first time I had penetrative sex, I was in pain for days. I thought this was normal; I had always been told the first time was supposed to be uncomfortable for vagina owners. I wasn’t concerned until peeing, putting on…


Vibrating Dildos

The rabbit vibrator has cemented itself as a cult classic amongst all of the other sex toys on the market today. There are many reasons why it remains a reliable favorite for women and vulva-owners. The rabbit vibrator is a mishmash of…

Butt plugs make life better

Butt Plugs

I’ve heard a lot about butt plugs and how they’re an essential for anyone’s explosive sex life. Maybe it’s just me, I never got on the bandwagon because I was simply scared of putting things in my butthole. But now that I’m…

How to enjoy sex with a sex doll torso?

male adult toys

Now that you have already purchased your sex doll torso, what’s next? Having fun with a sex doll’s torso is not at all that complicated. It’s as easy as letting your sexual instincts take over and going along with what feels good.…

How to Masturbate in the Bathtub

adult toy shops

Bathtub masturbation is one of the most underrated forms of masturbation. Aside from having your own quality time in the bathroom, it’s convenient, clean, and open to many possibilities. However, many people are too anxious to experiment with their bath pleasures’…