A Great Automatic Male Masturbator for Mind Blowing Stimulation by JunTame.US

KAI is a high-quality and semi-discreet male masturbator from JunTame.US that provides an amazing experience. In this KAI review, we explore its special features, including a realistic penis insert and other attractive novelties.

KAI – A Portable Blowjob Simulator

Most blowjob machines are bulky and not discreet, making it difficult to hide them when not in use. JunTame.US has taken a different approach by offering a more portable option for customers, who want an automatic male masturbator.

KAI is only 9.13 inches in length and 3.3 inches in width, making it easy to carry around. Despite its smaller size, KAI delivers high-quality stimulation and offers various settings, allowing you to customize the experience according to your preferences.

KAI pays attention to detail, surpassing cheap pocket pussies, by having advanced internals that create an unforgettable orgasm.

The KAI Experience

With discreet packaging, KAI is a perfect option for those who prefer to keep their sex toys on the down-low. The male stroker comes pre-charged and takes about 30 minutes to reach 100%. Meanwhile, you can read the manual and familiarize yourself with KAI and its accessories.

Applying KAI-approved lubricant is crucial before inserting your penis for personal pleasure. Consider purchasing a lubricant to avoid the hassle of buying last minute.

KAI’s sucking mechanism is its highlight, simulating a real blowjob. You can choose from five suction patterns to change the experience and create different sensations. You can even switch on the vibration to add extra buzzes and elevate the whole session.

KAI is versatile, allowing you to manually adjust its position, letting you fulfill those kinky fantasies. The “real moaning voice” feature adds to the overall experience but may be challenging to hear in noisy surroundings.

KAI Male Masturbator Features

Realistic and Tight Silicone KAI’s inner sleeve is made of body-safe silicone, ensuring your pleasure and safety. The tight tunnel feature simulates a person’s mouth or hand wrapping around your penis, providing a realistic feel that’s worth every thrust. Additionally, its texture adds stimulation and creates an even better experience.

Air Pressure Suction Technology KAI’s air pressure technology is its MVP feature, delivering a pleasurable sucking motion. It’s advisable to start with the lowest level settings and work yourself up, as higher suction settings lead to quicker ejaculation. In addition, KAI runs out of power more quickly with higher suction and vibration settings.

Vibration and Suction Patterns KAI offers various suction and vibration pattern settings, creating an exceptional experience every time you use it. Each time you use it, you are sure to discover a new and exciting sensation, making this male vibrator well worth the money.

Built-In Battery KAI’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 100 minutes of playtime and only takes roughly the same time to charge. It is extremely portable, allowing you to carry it anywhere without wires or cables. It comes with a USB charging cord that’s compatible with smartphone or tablet wall adapters.

Portable KAI is supremely portable, making it perfect for discreet personal pleasure or for fun when traveling. It’s available in white and yellow, with an unassuming shell that can be hidden in plain sight.

Is KAI The Best Automatic Masturbator?

KAI is a refreshing change from the standard bulky masturbators. It offers powerful sucking technology with all the features of full-fledged counterparts, making it the perfect portable automatic male masturbator.

The tight inner sleeve and realistic material make it exceptional, and its sucking and vibrating capabilities, along with its novelty features, make it stand out from the rest. It is well worth the investment and is perfect for personal pleasure or with a partner.


  • High-quality realistic material and tight inner sleeve
  • Powerful suction technology with five suction patterns
  • 100 minutes of run time
  • Portable and discreet
  • Offers a unique and customizable experience


  • Realistic moaning voice may sound tinny
  • Requires care and cleaning after use
  • Lube is required


In conclusion, KAI is an excellent automatic male masturbator well worth your investment. Its features, including realistic material and powerful suction technology, create an exceptional experience. If you’re seeking a compact and customizable sex toy that can simulate a real blowjob, KAI is an excellent choice.