14 Enjoyable Ways to Get A Kick Out Of the We-Vibe Wand

When massage therapy sticks were created, they weren’t created to be utilized for self pleasure in all. Quickly sex specialist Betty Dodson found the orgasmic power of these rumbly stick massagers in the 1970s, altering the female climax for life. Since then, numerous business have actually tried to make the best wand-style sex plaything. Suffice it to state that the We-Vibe Stick is the best one I’ve encountered (no word play here planned). So, what are some fun and unique ways to get pleasure from your Stick?

I’m JC Means from the SexToyCollective, as well as today I’m looking at 14 innovative ways to utilize the We-Vibe Stick!

1. Obtain frisky in the bathroom!

The We-Vibe Wand is 100% water resistant and cordless, so it’s absolutely secure to make use of in the bath or shower to add some exhilaration to your day-to-day regimen! If you really want to go the entire 9 lawns, attempt setting the state of mind with some relaxing music, some sexual candle lights, a glass of white wine … heck, why not throw a number of bath bombs in there while we go to it? The bathwater acts as a buffer in between your body and the vibrations, so the feeling is executed the water. This creates even more comfy grumbles that are best for less-experienced individuals or those who just like to take it easy.

Contrary to common belief, we don’t all desire our vulvas jackhammered to fatality 24/7!

2. Push on your own to the edge of orgasm

You may have come across edging– pressing yourself to the brink of climax and afterwards suddenly stopping any kind of play, enabling the orgasm to subside and also soothe pull back once more. You push on your own to the “side” of orgasm. Wand massagers are excellent for this sort of play because their sensations are so intense that it makes it difficult to quit yourself when the enjoyment is so bloody good! However, if you can maintain taking yourself to the edge of climax with this toy, by the time you actually permit yourself to cum, the built-up waves of pleasure will make the climax also more powerful.

3. Tease your partner

Whether your partner has a penis or a vulva, there are a lot of means you can make use of the We-Vibe Stick to tease them in the bedroom.

For people with vulvas, attempt giving them a clitoral massage or utilizing the “trembling tongues” accessory to replicate foreplay by gently massaging the accessory versus their clitoris with water-based lube. Watch them squirm with happiness!

For individuals with penises, attempt making use of the wand on the bottom of their penis head or scrotum, if they can deal with the strength. Maybe use the lower toughness in this situation.

There is also a “male stroker” add-on for the Stick which you can utilize to stroke his penis with water-based lube while the stick includes extra vibrations. They have actually considered whatever with this Wand.

4. Try it with chains and BDSM

If you as well as your partner like teasing each other with the wand, why not amp it up a little bit? Attempt integrating the stick massager into BDSM, chains, and also climax control with your companion.

My personal dream is to be helplessly linked to the bed, spread eagle, while my partner teases my body and also massage therapies my pussy with the deep, rumbly vibrations of the We-Vibe Wand.

Then when I can not take it anymore, he shows up the resonances also stronger and I start rattling about on the bed, attempting to leave as he compels me to experience the utmost vibrating enjoyment.

Ugh, sign me up.

5. Shake your favourite vibrators

Do you have a dildo or a buttplug that you truly such as? Maybe it’s simply the excellent form, you like the feel of the product, or it’s simply the right size to satisfy without obtaining uneasy?

Attempt using the We-Vibe Wand to shake your favored dildo or buttplug, including a whole new measurement of sensation when having fun with your preferred toy.

The deep, rolling resonances really assist penetrate to your core, and a lot of sex playthings (especially silicone toys) carry the vibes via them as well as straight right into your quaking body.

Enjoyable times!

6. Give yourself a (normal) massage

Long ago back in the 1960s, massage wands were actually created for … well, massage therapy. Not the genital kind, but also for your body components which were hurting.

The We-Vibe Wand still functions incredibly well for massaging aching and also weary muscle mass after a difficult day’s job, particularly if you have problem with back pain. Integrate a warm bath with this Wand and also believe me, you’ll be as cool as it obtains.

I’ve had many people inform me that when their family members located their massage wand, they presumed that it was for body massage therapies like this. These wands can be good and also discreet like that.

I suggest, it’s better your mother finds a massage wand than a 10-inch vibrator.

7. Make sex better

Following time you’re taking it doggy design, attempt utilizing the Wand on your clit for some extremely intense excitement which integrates both inner vaginal and exterior clitoral stimulation.

It resembles the “combined orgasm” you get from the most effective rabbit vibrators such as the We-Vibe Nova. Discover more regarding the rabbit vibes from SexToyCollective.

There are lots of settings you can try this in, but doggy-style is most certainly the simplest. Experiment with this mix of penetration and clit vibes. You could just spray!

8. Spice up your make-out sessions

Sex is terrific and all, yet I’m personally a massive follower of using playthings when constructing out with your companion. I just assume that a really warm make-out session coupled with vibrator play can be actually exciting.

For example, attempt pushing your bed with your partner and hugging while you kiss on your sides. Now place the We-Vibe Stick in between your genitals and also let it do its thing while you loosen up and delight in the enchanting moments.

It matters not what sex you as well as your partner are– you can always locate an area that really feels great for both of you.

9. Do it hands-free!

There are several locations you can discover sex toy installs made to hold vibrators, vibrators, and also massage sticks in position. In this manner, you can place your Wand and afterwards grind versus it sexually in whatever placement you desire hands-free.

That or you understand … duct tape it to the bed.

Either way, being able to masturbate hands-free feels even more like the actual point (at least in my point of view!). It additionally frees up your hands, allowing you to play with your nipple areas and massage your body erotically.

Great fun!

10. Provide him an extreme prostate massage therapy

Do you appreciate giving your man a prostate massage therapy? Done appropriately, you can view your guy experience an extreme, prone climax as you delicately stroke the male G-spot located 2-3 inches inside his rectum.

While utilizing a finger or dildo for prostate massage, attempt relaxing your We-Vibe Stick on his perineum, also known as the “taint” or “gooch” between the butthole and testicles. This supplies an exterior massage therapy for the prostate, with the deep vibrations pleasing his prostate on this inside.

Think me, he will agonize with pleasure.

Even if your male is the type that does not want something inside his ass, this outside prostate massage will be so warm that he may simply alter his mind!

11. Masturbate to songs in perfect sync

Thanks to the We-Connect app, your Stick can respond to audios and also music with sound-activated resonances. In many situations, this wouldn’t be incredibly valuable, yet it’s dazzling when incorporated with music!

Personally, I like to put on some Marvin Gaye, lower the lights, as well as have a good soothing enjoyment session with those chill downtempo beats. Something concerning the synergy of the beat with those rolling pulses just actually rocks my world.

On the other hand, you may appreciate syncing up sound-activated resonances with some uptempo residence beats or dance music, truly zoning out and feeling the music pulse via your body erotically.

Hell, if you’re really feeling take on, you may wan na try it with Killer or Arch Enemy.

12. Discover your erogenous zones

You’ve got numerous enjoyment areas on your body, so don’t stick to your genitals a lot! Attempt exploring different parts of your body with the stick, teasing your erotic areas as well as heightening your general sense of arousal.

Popular erogenous areas consist of the busts, nipple areas, back, neck, perineum, feet, and the anus. Nipple areas are particularly helpful for this type of play– did you recognize that it’s possible to have a nipple orgasm just from nipple area excitement alone? Even if you don’t find an erogenous area you like, getting nude as well as brushing this Wand backwards and forwards your body is a fun method to tease yourself and get in the state of mind.

13. Play with pleasure in public

Okay, so I’m into public play a little bit. I have an inner pervert whose horniness needs to be satisfied … what can I claim? Nevertheless, this Wand is too big to be lugging around in your knickers all day.

So, what’s a randy girl to do?

Directly, I such as to drive to the supermarket, locate a quiet area in the parking lot, as well as have fun with the We-Vibe Wand while beinged in my cars and truck. It’s fun attempting to maintain my face straight while people stroll past my cars and truck with their buying carts!

Most of the playthings created for very discreet public play are rather little and wimpy, so I delight in locating secure ways to utilize the Wand in public (or semi-public!).

14. Enjoy app-enabled quarantine cybersex!

Well, I needed to discuss COVID-19 at some point.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’re probably mindful that we’re undertaking an international pandemic with multiple quarantines as well as lockdowns across the world.

If you’ve been separated from your partner during quarantine, you can take advantage of it by utilizing the We-Connect application to have virtual cybersex with one another.

As long as you both have the application and also a respectable Wi-Fi connection, your companion can manage your We-Vibe Stick remotely from their mobile phone, flicking via the 10 resonance settings and staminas as they please without you lifting a finger.

Allow’s simply claim that it’s made my nightly Zoom calls a whole lot more … vocal.

I hope you appreciated this guide on 14 enjoyable and creative ways to utilize your We-Vibe Stick for satisfaction! No matter your gender or partnership standing, this intense and also versatile plaything can be utilized to have fun in a wide variety of methods. I have actually informed you about 14 of them– now it’s up to you to find out the rest!

If you would love to read more sex tips, how-to overviews, and sex plaything reviews including our We-Vibe Chorus evaluation, look into the Sex Toy Collective internet site or YouTube channel.